Line(s) of Enquiry 2023-2025

Line(s) of Enquiry is a collaborative project between Walking the Land and the University of Gloucestershire’s Hardwick Gallery with an exhibition of artwork, writing, research, and exploratory materials presented at Hardwick Gallery between 24th February – 28th March 2025. Alongside the exhibition a symposium is planned for Friday 21 March 2025. Providing an opportunity to share more widely, and discuss in greater depth, outcomes from the project.

Line(s) of Enquiry aims to demonstrate the value of artistic research to understand landscapes, place and the communties it engages with through its ecologies: as topography, as habitat, as archive, as carrier of histories, as living museum, as network, as a place of movement, pause and transient encounters.

"As a thought experiment, Line(s) of Enquiry allows us to attend to the Honeybourne Line as uncharted territory, to peel away what we know and reveal that which is made visible. The project can be understood as a ‘halt’ within the timeline of the Honeybourne Line, an opportunity to analyse the organisation of spatial, temporal and social fields of action at a particular point in its existence, specifically with art as the driver/producer of new knowledge, as a means to permeate the status quo, and develop spaces for critical engagement, affective encounter, and relational learning in the everyday."  - Sarah Bowden, Hardwick Gallery, University of Gloucestershire