Zoë Ashbrook is a contemporary landscape artist living and working in Gloucestershire, UK.  She graduated from University of Gloucestershire in 2023 with an MA Fine Art (Distinction).

Zoë's practice is anchored in concepts of time, landscape and memory.  Working with expanded notions of sensory drawing to engage closely with the landscape and capturing vignettes of interest on her mobile phone are the experiences and observations which she returns to in the studio.  Process is key to explorations of sensory materiality to integrate and embed layers of time and memory across her practice, Inviting us to contemplate a sense absence within fragments and traces of the past that remain ever present, both physically and as ephemeral memories of time and place.

While sketchbook mark making exercises capture an immediacy of emotive response to her experiences of time within landscape. Studio based sculptural processes provide a meditative haptic enquiry to consider the themes and ideas which fuel her interest.   A painterly sensitive visual language evolves through the layering of abstract marks and gestures, where addition and subtraction play an equally significant role in the journey to completion of a painting through which Zoë aspires to evoke within the viewer a reason to pause.  Inviting the viewer to spend time with the work and consider the connections through time and memory between our inner psychological worlds and the external landscapes we experience. 

Zoë is a member of Walking the Land artist collective  and Drawing Research Network (DRN)

Representation: The Paragon Gallery, Cheltenham, UK

Artist Statement

Engaging with ideas of time, memory and landscape I explore notions of entangled pasts, present and futures. Through drawing, painting and sculpture my perceptions of these evolving, entwined, sensory relationships are explored.

Process to me is key, focusing on sensory qualities of materiality allows me to integrate a sense of meaning to each of the processes I choose to work with. The time I spend walking in landscape capturing conscious and unconscious interactions on my mobile mobile, as simple sketchbook observations and autographic responses creates the foundation for my studio practice.

Working with paper, frottage and eyes closed drawing I record sensory dialogues of touch, time and memory of place.  Autographic black marks and sculpted paper outcomes exist as unique documents of experience. Explorations which exploit the unique sensitivity of drawing and serve as a catalyst for further work. Paintings and sculpture which serve as a reflection on my experiences and philosophical questioning of time, memory and our relationship with landscape.

  • Between you and me_Zoe Ashbrook_30cmx30cm_£475
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  • Written in Stone_Zoe Ashbrook_30cmx30cm_£475
  • There not there_Zoe Ashbrook_30cmx30cm_£475
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  • written in stone

Woodland Dialogues

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