Image of landscape painting

Paintings full of intrigue and atmosphere inspired by land, sea and sky.

Paintings created through a rich tapestry of brushwork, mark making and occasionally collage.  A process of building many layers, adding, removing, scrapes, scratches, delicate and bold marks allow a painting to evolve creating a surface which intrigues the viewer to  look closer, upon which they are rewarded by the delicate subtlety of quieter, softer details.

Through observation and photography, emotional and sensory responses to the textures, colours and movement in the ever changing environment of the natural world are captured and provide the inspiration. 

Working in multiples on canvas or wooden boards paintings begin with layers of fast paced intuitive, explorative, loose brushstokes and marks. As the layers build, the surface evolves and each painting begins to develop its own unique history and identity. Final stages are more considered to bring the painting to a conclusion while taking care to maintain a sense of spontaneity to keep the painting as alive and dynamic as the inspiration behind its creation.

Natures endless inspiration...

I take endless photographs when I am out and about walking or on my travels.  I find real joy in taking the time to focus and capture a moment in time.  My senses are heightened to the atmosphere and energy of a place and it is this together with the emotional response which is stimulated that I try to convey in my paintings. 

In reality I rarely paint using these photographs as a direct tool to work from but rather when i look at them they take me back to that moment in time and those emotions and sensory responses are rekindled and it is that which I use to guide and steer my creativity. 

photo inspiration

Events & Exhibitions

Broadway Arts Festival Online Exhibition - May29th - 31st December 2020

Art in Isolation Project Online Event - Dates tbc

Stroud Valley SITE Festival Open Studio's - 12-13th & 19th-20th September 2020

Windsor Contemporary Art Fair - 13th - 15th November 2020

Fresh: Art Fair  - Cheltenham, 27th - 29th November 2020


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