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My work explores a fascination of sensory experience and notions of entangled pasts, presents and futures within the temporalities of time, landscape and memory. Through phenomenological sensory observations of immersive experiences within natural landscape, my drawings, paintings, sculpture, moving Image and writing reflect my perceptions of these evolving, entwined relationships and consider the affect of our everyday sensory encounters. 

Using the immediacy of my mobile phone camera as a sensory monitor I capture conscious and unconscious interactions with place and time. Footage I return to later in the studio, often blending and combining to create short layered moments of time, landscape and memory which reveal the rich diversity of sensory experience encountered.  Observations which trigger thughts and ideas for further studio exploration.

Working with paper, frottage and eyes closed drawing I record sensory dialogues of touch, time and memory within the landscape.  Autographic black marks and sculpted paper outcomes exist as unique documents of experience explored through the unique sensitivity of drawing as a catalyst for researching what it means to see, feel and touch sensory experiences as notions of multiple temporalities of time, landscape and memory. 

I reflect on these immersive landscape observations through writing; drawing upon philosophical and theoretical concepts of drawing, time, landscape and memory to consider the affect of our everyday sensory experiences on our memories, perceptions and understanding of self, others and the wider world.  Thoughts and ideas which I explore and share through sculptural assemblage, paintings, drawings and moving image.  Working across mediums I like to investigate the potential to develop and enhance the conceptural aeshtetics and materiality of different processes within the work.

“Affect arises in the midst of in-between-ness; in the capacities to act and be acted upon…Affect…is
the name we give to the visceral forces beneath, alongside, or generally other than conscious
knowing, vital forces insisting beyond emotion – that can serve to drive us toward movement,
thought and extension.” (Greg and Seigworth, 2010).

Having intially studied Computer Information Systems I am now a full time artist based in Gloucestershire, UK, studying MA Fine Art at University of Gloucestershire.

Woodland Dialogues in Time

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