Image of landscape painting

Paintings full of intrigue and atmosphere inspired by land, sea and sky.

Through a rich tapestry of paint, texture and occasionally collage, my aim is create paintings which will intrigue the viewer to want to look closer, to feel a sense of the atmosphere of the energy in the land, sea and sky.

Exploring the relationship between passing time, nature and landscape provides an endless source of inspriation. 

Working in multiples on canvas or wooden boards inspiration for my paintings begins with reference to photographs and a hybrid of memories. Beginning with layers of intuitive, explorative loose brushstokes and marks, the layers of paint evolve and each painting begins to develop its own unique identity.

The final stages become more considered while still allowing plenty of time for intuitive responses to make their mark.  The goal being to keep a sense of spontaneity within the painting to keep it feeling alive and dynamic.


Moments that inspire

The process of focusing on taking a photograph feeds my creativity, developing a deeper understanding and engagement with the natural world and I post many of my most inspiring images on Instagram and Facebook. From the lichen on a metal rail to the texture of tree bark to the fragile intricate beauty of flora and fauna and the big open views of landscape and sky...I love it all!