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Zoë Ashbrook.

I am a multi-media visual artist working with notions of entanglement and connection within time, landscape and memory combined with a philosophical and scientific research based approach.

Working with drawing, painting, moving image, digital collage, printwork and sculpture. I often blend and layer media and processses to create multi layered work.

Time immersed in landscape is fundamental to my practice. Visual indicators of the passage of time are captured within drawings, photographs and video and used within my studio based work.

Observational drawings created in the landscape are exercises in both spontaneity and slow considered mark making.  Eyes closed mark-making allows for a heightened awareness of non-visual sensory observations of sound, smell and touch to be experienced and recorded. Enriching both conscious and unconscious memory to recall and work with reflectively in the studio.

This play with time is something I seek to communicate through the work to the viewer.  How to slow down the viewers perception of the work through layering and palimpsest, integrating elements of the recognisable with abstraction. Blurring the lines between the obvious and ambiguous; allowing for a dialogue of the suggested and personal interpretation to develop. 

I am based in Gloucestershire and currently studying Masters in Fine Art at Gloucestershire University.

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